Sunday, June 8, 2014

Renee' Sunday, M.D. Coming Soon To A Medium Available To You!

Renee' Sunday, M.D. has taken house calls to a whole other level indeed! A remarkable lady who does not know the meaning of words such as: "cannot, NO, do not or anything else in the catagory of selfdefeating or questionable when it comes to overall success.
However, this is nothing new for the beautiful woman sometimes affectionately referred to as"Doc Sunday."  Question: "Who is Renee's Sunday, M.D. and what makes her stand out in any crowd?"
Well for starters:

Renee' Sunday, M.D. is the founder and CEO of Sunday Publishing Company, LLC., and RS Commerce, P.C. She is a noted physician who has practiced the specialty of Anesthesia Medicine for well over thirteen years. “My mission is to encourage and empower others to enjoy life and obtain their dreams. Furthermore, I enjoy being an instrument in God's Plan to render services to others and to show compassion, love, and the standard of care by empowering others to propel their message to the world” she stated at press time.

Renee' is a radio and television personality- Host of Good Deeds Radio & TV Show and Co-host of the “Living Day By Day -TV Show”, an invaluable Grief & Loss Specialist , Group Counselor, Motivational & Inspirational Coach, Passion & Purpose Guru, Author, Publisher, Healthy Coffee Distribution owner, and an Anesthesiologist.

Renee's passion is to be a catalyst to stimulate others forward toward their destiny. For fourteen years , she thought her purpose was providing Anesthesia services until  she went from 6 figures to 0 figure in 24 hours. But as fate goes and God will have it, “when one door closed several new doors opened for her”. And the doors continue to open on a daily basis, she believes that “everyone has purpose and everyone has a calling and certainly, everyone has reason to be on the earth right now”.  

A lot of people are asking, "why was I created? " They want to know his/her Grand Purpose in life. The truth of the matter many people are not called to one area or one thing. There are many things we enjoy in life. Can you say you are enjoying life? If you are frustrated with your job, career, where you are right now”, says “Doc Sunday.” “Get Purpose Now” with Dr. Renee Sunday encourage, empower, and educate others to propel their passions to purpose.

One step will lead to an abundant supply of opportunities, obtaining dreams, and achieving a purposefully driven life. “Don’t take our word for it, check her out for yourselves!”

Twitter: @ReneeSunday1