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Historically researched , we found that International and its legacy and traditions became profound and recognized as a Career or Job back in the very early 1800's before licensing laws, certifications, regulations, state boards, educational institutions were introduced and care was a necessity when a community lost a loved one.

It was done as a urgent need and some were chosen and many were forced to care for the dead. Some passed down this work to the next generation and those who were able to learn the task at hand. Every founding woman or man had a story and  traditions were followed because of necessity and each funeral event was the time for community or leaders to emerge.

In the next 12 months we will travel around the world and meet the old heroes who created legacies and the new generations who were polished to step into the 21st Century to create their own legacy or follow in the footsteps of someone who had an impact on their life.

The 100 BWFS Organization founded in 1993 is honored to present a select group of International Funeral Professionals who will be recipients of the 2013 International Leadership Awards and the 2013 International Awards of Excellence - 2 different categories for their contributions to the rich history of our demanding but great profession.

Some of these great colleagues are legacies and go back as far as seven generations, some are International Leaders and Officers of funeral service organizations and some hold and represent historic position or honors in International/ National Funeral Service Organizations and some are

New Generational Founders and Owner who have impacted the funeral industry. Each story is different, each personality different, each journey is different but you find the ultimate goal the same, Success and Love for the funeral profession. It's time for you to "Meet Your International Colleagues and National Movers and Shakers in Funeral Service".
 Elleanor Davis Starks, CFSP-CCA-CCO/Founder-100BWFS

First Generation Bahamian Funeral Director to Receive International Award

First Generation Bahamian Funeral Director to Receive International Award

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Coming Real Soon, the Florida Gospel Announcers Guild State Convention!

 From the desk of my colleague, *Peppi Hendrix: 
**South Florida Gospel Music Awards, an Independent Gospel Movement -
IN JUST 3 DAYS!! In just 3 days the Florida Gospel Announcer's Guild State Convention (GMWA) will take place in Ft. Laudedale, FL at The Pilgrims Christian Universal Church.. Expect National Recording Artists, Radio Stations, Gospel Radio Personalities, Empowerment Sessions, Gospel Industry Personnel, Record Labels & Executives and Awards Show CEO's and much more... FREE ATTENDANCE..Gospel Showcase Opportunities & Vendor Space still remains.. For more information call (561) 853-8300 or email FloridaGAG@aol.com