Monday, October 20, 2014

TN NAACP To Host "All Lives Matter" Mock Funeral Event In Nashville Tuesday October 21, 2014.

The “All Lives Matter" Mock Funeral event will take place In Nashville, TN.  Tuesday October 21, 2014, beginning at 11:00 am CST. One of the" All Lives Matter" activities will consist of a Mock Funeral procession at the War Memorial Plaza, which is also called Legislative Plaza.  A summary of the activities is as follows:  The group will assemble at the War Memorial Plaza, awaiting the arrival of the Hearse. The "All Lives Matter” event highlights the nearly 170,000 Tennesseans who are without health care because state leaders continue to deny them access to Medicaid. Some of these people will die or experience economic despair for lack of coverage.  There are also 50 hospitals that are at financial risk because of the denial of Medicaid, four of which have already closed, and Medicaid denial has cost the state $2.7 million daily.  Help is still needed and appreciated!  Why? Everybody knows somebody that is affected by Medicare Expansion if not, be glad that you don't, stated the TN NAACP Memo on this event.  In addition to asking everyone to "pass the word" and the areas that are in need of help in for the mock Funeral.
What can you do? There is a need People that have been Economic Lynch by Health Care, Honorary Pallbearers with signs, Active "hands on" Pallbearers, Flower Ladies and Flower Girls with signs.  As with any funeral service, words of Comfort and Musicians are needed as well.
An open call asking everyone to consider joining the Tennessee NAACP and health care advocates in declaring that "All Lives Matter", was sent out.   The TN NAACP believes that there is an urgent need for Tennesseans to come together and proclaim that "All Lives Matter". It is not necessary to be a Tennessean to support the NAACP or the Mock Funeral Service. Summary: Suggested Attire: Black (Funeral Wear) Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2014. Visitation: 10:30 am CST and the actual "Mock Funeral" begins at 11:30 am. Where: War Memorial Plaza, aka: Legislative Center, downtown Nashville, TN. Special thanks to Gloria J. Sweet, President NAACP Tennessee State Conference, Marilyn Brown, Justice Now Organization and  NAACP Tennessee State Conference New Covenant Christian Church Justice Ministry Leader and Daphne Nelson.
“Show Up and Make A Statement” urges the Tennessee Branch NAACP nation’s oldest Civil Rights Organization.
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