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Gospel Music Fever: Temple of Deliverance CD features gospel's lady gr...

Gospel Music Fever: Temple of Deliverance CD features gospel's lady gr...: From left: Lisa Page Brooks, Karen Clark Sheard, and Tamela Mann (Baltimore, MD) Recently, three of gospel's leading ladies came t...

Gospel Music Fever: Preview of "Hanging with the Manns" Reality Show

Gospel Music Fever: Preview of "Hanging with the Manns" Reality Show: Can't get enough of David and Tamela Mann?  They're coming again really soon (hopefully) to a TV near you. Hanging with the Manns,...

Gospel Music Fever: "I Run to You" - LaTonya Earl

Gospel Music Fever: "I Run to You" - LaTonya Earl: "I Run to You" LaTonya Earl From the CD, Steppin' Out on Faith (2012) National & Independent Gospel Music Association ...

Gospel Music Fever: LaTonya Earl: Her Story, Her Song

Gospel Music Fever: LaTonya Earl: Her Story, Her Song: By Libra Boyd Gospel Music Fever LaTonya Earl has been leading people in worship and ushering in the presence of God for a long time.  ...

Gospel Music Fever: Donald A. McClurkin, Sr., father of Donnie McClurk...

Gospel Music Fever: Donald A. McClurkin, Sr., father of Donnie McClurk...: Donnie McClurkin Bob Marovich of The Black Gospel Blog shared the sad news of the passing of Donald A. McClurkin, Sr., father of gospel ...

Gospel Music Fever: DeWayne Woods loses 'best friend,' temporarily

Gospel Music Fever: DeWayne Woods loses 'best friend,' temporarily: Gospel singer DeWayne Woods is thankful for a happy ending to what he called "a nightmare" when speaking to KCTV 5 News recently...

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Erica Campbell - A Little More Jesus (AUDIO ONLY)

Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker

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Fervor Solidus

Jazz Rendezvous Presents: Fervor Solidus at the Jacksonville, NC Country Club August 30, 2013

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Historically researched , we found that International and its legacy and traditions became profound and recognized as a Career or Job back in the very early 1800's before licensing laws, certifications, regulations, state boards, educational institutions were introduced and care was a necessity when a community lost a loved one.

It was done as a urgent need and some were chosen and many were forced to care for the dead. Some passed down this work to the next generation and those who were able to learn the task at hand. Every founding woman or man had a story and  traditions were followed because of necessity and each funeral event was the time for community or leaders to emerge.

In the next 12 months we will travel around the world and meet the old heroes who created legacies and the new generations who were polished to step into the 21st Century to create their own legacy or follow in the footsteps of someone who had an impact on their life.

The 100 BWFS Organization founded in 1993 is honored to present a select group of International Funeral Professionals who will be recipients of the 2013 International Leadership Awards and the 2013 International Awards of Excellence - 2 different categories for their contributions to the rich history of our demanding but great profession.

Some of these great colleagues are legacies and go back as far as seven generations, some are International Leaders and Officers of funeral service organizations and some hold and represent historic position or honors in International/ National Funeral Service Organizations and some are

New Generational Founders and Owner who have impacted the funeral industry. Each story is different, each personality different, each journey is different but you find the ultimate goal the same, Success and Love for the funeral profession. It's time for you to "Meet Your International Colleagues and National Movers and Shakers in Funeral Service".
 Elleanor Davis Starks, CFSP-CCA-CCO/Founder-100BWFS

First Generation Bahamian Funeral Director to Receive International Award

First Generation Bahamian Funeral Director to Receive International Award

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Coming Real Soon, the Florida Gospel Announcers Guild State Convention!

 From the desk of my colleague, *Peppi Hendrix: 
**South Florida Gospel Music Awards, an Independent Gospel Movement -
IN JUST 3 DAYS!! In just 3 days the Florida Gospel Announcer's Guild State Convention (GMWA) will take place in Ft. Laudedale, FL at The Pilgrims Christian Universal Church.. Expect National Recording Artists, Radio Stations, Gospel Radio Personalities, Empowerment Sessions, Gospel Industry Personnel, Record Labels & Executives and Awards Show CEO's and much more... FREE ATTENDANCE..Gospel Showcase Opportunities & Vendor Space still remains.. For more information call (561) 853-8300 or email

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Another Year of Excellence in the Making

From the Desk of Elleanor Davis-Starks,
Founder& Executive Director of The 100 BWFS;

Many Congratulations to all of the 2013 International Leadership Winners

"The Best of the Best" and to the Honorable Mention Honorees:

~Winners to be presented in New Orleans on August 5, 2013:

The Honorable Gerals Luz A. James, II of St. Croix, Virgin Islands

NFDMA District Governor Delva Turnbull of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Pamela Kebine Motlhabi of Johannesburg, South Africa

Doreen Williams James of St. George, Bermuda

Fred St. Amand CEO and daughter, Sanda St. Amand, Managing Funeral Director-Pax Villa USA-Haiti

Wendell G. Dean, II of Nassau, Bahamas

Shelley Challenger of Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Keith Belgroves, CEO and daughter, Mercedes Belgroves, Asst CEO& Managing Dir., Trinidad & Tobago

District Governor, Simon Boikanyo of Lethabile, South Africa

Angela Madden Tomlinson of Kingston and Montego Bay, Jamaica

Taiwo A Ungunsola of Nigeria, Africa

Crisma N. Henriquez-Ramirez of the Netherlands Antilles, Curacao

The 2013 Dottie F. Hector Presidential Award of Excellence Winners are:

Nancy R. Lohman, Historic 2nd Female President of the ICCFA Organization. Founded in 1887, it is the only international trade association representing all segments of the cemetery, cremation and funeral memorialization industry. Its membership is composed of more than 7,500 cemeteries, funeral homes, crematories, memorial designers and related businesses worldwide. Nancy hails from the great state of Florida.

Deborah A. Andres, is the Vice President of the International Division of the NFDA Organization and manages international membership development, organizes international trade shows, international advertising and is a liaison for international disaster management and it's a good thing that she speaks several languages and you can't miss seeing her at any of the convention because she is the busiest lady on the floor and always the "to go person" if you need help or direction.

"Ma Donna" of the Madonna Multinational Home for Funerals is from Passaic, NJ and hails as the official first NFD&MA, Inc. Multicultural Funeral Home. Someone ask me what is her last name - and all I can say is that she's part Rock Star/ Diva/ and Business Entrepreneur doing what she loves and her own fashion and style. You won't be able to miss her because she always makes a fashion statement when she walks in a room.

Sharon L. Gee, Instructor and Wayne State University - International Awardees- Educational Institution of the Year. Sharon is the embalmer for women at the Gate to Heaven Funeral Home located adjacent to the Islamic Institute of Knowledge that is a source of pride for the local Islamic population of approximately 500,000 that includes 75,000 adherents in the Dearborn and Dearborn Heights, Michigan area.  Under the guidance of Miss Gee, in the beautifully designed prep room is the site for washing, ritual-washing, wrapping and documentation is performed in the traditional way of Islam.

The team is also headed by Sister Muna Hasan who makes sure the team performs 3 washes, and involves turning the body in a prescribed way and manner.  If you have any questions, honoree Sharon Gee will be to answer those questions in New Orleans. It sounds like a great program to be a part of.

Congratulations to all the 2013 /award Winners of the 100 BWFS Organization.

We look to seeing all nominees and winners at NFDA in October in Austin, Texas for a second reception as we salute Women in Funeral Service on J. Roberta March Cancer Awareness Day!

A Very Special Thanks – to the 2013 The 100 BWFS Award Committee!

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Charlon Turner says: If you missed last week, you do NOT want to miss the Neo Soul Experience with Rick Soundz this Thursday for the Black Arts Alliance presents the Black Music Summer Series at CAM! — at the Cameron Art Museum Black Arts Alliance presents the Black Music Summer Series at CAM If you missed last week, you do NOT want to miss the Neo Soul Experience with Rick Soundz this Thursday for the Black Arts Alliance presents the Black Music Summer Series at CAM! By: North Carolina Black Film Festival

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Get Your Sexy Back Healthy Vegan Cookbook For Meat Eaters

My name is Dawn Ali from . I’m 47 years old and I’ve lost 70 lbs. I've rid my body of beginning kidney failure, fluid retention, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis and acid reflux disease. Incredibly, I was also able to wean myself off all the multiple medications I was taking daily. Today, I take no meds, not even an aspirin. My “Get Your Sexy Back Healthy Vegan Cookbook For Meat Eaters” includes the simple and delicious meals that I ate to lose my weight in a safe and healthy way. The food is not only a joy to eat, but keeps me full and satisfied! Why Get This Cookbook? My dear friend, soon to be "Get your Sexy Back Coach" (Well in my case, it will be an up-grade to my Sexy!) Dawn Ali says fi you follow this proven method and utilize her hot new, Best Selling Cook Book - "you cannot go wrong."
Introducing Dawn Ali/ “Get Your Sexy Back Healthy Vegan Cookbook For Meat Eaters” contains Over 50 vegan recipes, 20+ of which are Raw Food Vegan meals and desserts that rival cooked meals. They contain the most nutrition which cause the speedy removal of health destroying poison from your bodies and excess fat which causes obesity. Over 20 Healthy Choice Cooked Vegan recipes, which taste great and are very filling and comforting. PLUS as an additional bonus of 10+ Down Home Southern Style Vegan recipes that will remind you of meals that your grandma cooked (minus the animal fat, flesh and by products, which help you hold onto weight). Who Can Benefit From “Get Your Sexy Back Healthy Vegan Cookbook For Meat Eaters”? Those Who: Want To Lose Weight Want To Be Sexier Want Improved Health Want More Energy Want Clearer Skin Want Glowing Skin Want Softer Skin Want Better Hair & Nails Want To Fight Fatigue Want Delicious Healthier Meals Packed With Nutrition Want To Lose Weight Without Being Hungry Want Meals That Are Simple To Create Want To Try Vegan/Vegetarian Food Want To Do & Try Something Different Want To Be Apart Of The Trendy Crowd – This Is The New Lifestyle Many People Are Beginning MY 3 BEST WEIGHT LOSS TIPS (Do NOT Underestimate the value of this information). 1. Drink 16 oz of SPRING (not tap) WATER when you wake up before putting anything else in your stomach. Squeeze 1/2 of ORGANIC juice from real lemon (not lemon from plastic bottle) into it. 2. You MUST get 8 hours sleep day. 3. You MUST stop eating 2 hours before going to sleep.

What's Going on at RCC This Summer?

Rape Crisis Center of Coastal Horizons Center, Inc. "Friends of Rape Crisis Center" (RCC)are on the move again to raise awareness and implement positive change. Anyone willing to see this change through , may join in to help. There is something for everyone, even the youth. Our Prevention Educators have been working with teens in our community over the last semester, educating them on healthy relationships and preventing dating and sexual violence. Here are some of the Pender County Students displaying posters that they created demonstrating what they learned in the "Safe Dates" program. We are so proud to see students taking a stand against dating and sexual violence! Are You Looking to Make a Difference in Your Community? Come show your support by joining our Community Outreach Committee! Next meeting Wednesday June 19th, from 6:30pm-7:30pm. Meetings will take place throughout the year on the third Wednesday of each month from 6:30pm-7:30pm. Camp Thrive - Brunswick County Camp Thrive is a FREE educational camp for females, ages 11-16 years old in the Oak Island, Boiling Spring Lakes, and Southport area. This camp experience will provide each participant with valuable information on healthy body images and relationships, effective communication skills, goal setting, and future plan development using interactive discussion and activities within a safe, nurturing, and purposeful environment. The camp will be led by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from the Rape Crisis Center-Brunswick of Coastal Horizons Center, Inc. and a member of the Oak Island Police Department.
When: July 15-19, 2013 10am-2pm Where: Oak Island Police Department 4621 E Oak Island Dr. Oak Island, NC 28465 Space is limited! Lunch will be provided. If you are interested in referring someone to this group or would like more information, please contact Jude Knisley at (910) 754-7949 or Camp Thrive - New Hanover County
Camp Thrive is a FREE summer retreat for females ages 13-18 years old who have experienced sexual abuse/assault. This experience will assist in healing and growing for each participant through interactive discussion and activities within a safe, nurturing, and purposeful environment. The camp will be lead by RCC Advocates and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Topics include body image, self discovery, individuality, coping and communication skills, as well as building dreams, goals, and relationships for the future. When: July 29th-August 2nd 9am-12:30pm Where: The Rape Crisis Center of Coastal Horizons Center, Inc. 615 Shipyard Blvd. Wilmington, NC 28412 Space is limited! Lunch with be provided! If you are interested in referring someone to Camp Thrive or have any questions, please contact Lauren Slusher at (910) 392-6936 or Rape Crisis Center of Coastal Horizons Center, Inc. New Hanover: (910)392-7460 - 24hr Crisis Line 615 Shipyard Blvd. Wilmington, NC 28412 Brunswick: (910)754-7949 - 24hr Crisis Line 120 Coastal Horizons Drive Shallotte, NC 28470

Alvin Darling’s NEW CD Release Drops

, “Waiting Right Here” on the Emtro Gospel label and is currently receiving significant airplay. Notably, his recent release is an authentic masterpiece demonstrating that Darling is standing on the edge of an artistic epiphany. He has charted several song selections on the BDS Gospel Charts to include: “Walking With Jesus”, the title track “Waiting Right Here” and “Live Out Loud.” This project is nothing less than a masterpiece and immediately establishes a dialogue with the lyrics and the melody to form the sensational Jersey sound! His gifts and talents continue to revolutionize the gospel music industry as this project certainly echoes success! Listen and download his music: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Their commanding vocal talent is at a level of brilliant achievement and magnificently demonstrated on their recent project “Havin’ Church” on Lowrush Records. This dynamic project features their debut single “Same God.” If you love gospel music at its finest -- this is the project for which you have been waiting! Audiences are notably elated by their pitch which is flawless and the production of “Havin’ Church” is a smorgasbord of musicality. By: Bruce Calvin To book Alvin Darling Contact Good Knight Management at 313-207-5786

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Beauty Supply Institute will be holding its 4th annual Beauty Supply Store Ownership Summer Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on August 24th and 25th, 2013. Since 2010, Beauty Supply Institute has opened over 45 independently black-owned beauty supply stores and assisted or trained over 1,000 individuals on how to open stores on their own bringing in over $10 million in urban communities. Beauty Supply Institute has been the resource for individuals looking for answers and training on owning and operating successful beauty supply stores for over 7 years. This year's two-day conference consists of six classes, take-home materials, a hot lunch on day one, while day two will consist of visits to industry distributor facilities to learn the process of setting up accounts. Keynote guest speakers have included, author and activist Maggie Anderson, who spent one year purchasing from black businesses only, and black hair pioneer Madam CJ Walker's great-great granddaughter, A'leila Bundles. Beauty Supply Institute provides training through online courses, a live in-class 9-month program and summer and winter annual conferences. The company produces business plans, site selections and other tools to aid in successful ownership. The beauty supply industry is a $15 billion retail sector. Nationally, there are approximately 13,000 stores with less than 3% of them owned by blacks, while other minorities have been the dominant owners despite 96% of consumers being African-Americans. Founder and 3-time store owner, Devin Robinson, Sr., stated, "Our focus is ensuring blacks have the best opportunity at success in this retail business by being completely prepared mentally and financially. There are plenty of unseen and unexpected pitfalls and traps that can trick, confuse or cripple novice store owners." Robinson made an appearance in Aron Ranen's Black Hair documentary DVD in 2006 and has since written the best-selling book Taking it Back: How to Become a Successful Black Beauty Supply Store Owner and led a national boycott against non-black store owners for unfair practices in 2009. He was also featured in Ebony magazine's article, Black Hair, Korean Takeover, and was a regular guest on the formerly nationally syndicated Michael Baisden radio show. The conference will be held at the Westin Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta. For registration information go to or contact Beauty Supply Institute at 404-551-4398 or at

The Dynamic & Talented Mary Wilson Formerly of The Supremes to Grace Port City Soon

When? Date: Thursday, September 19, 2013 Time: 7:00 PM Venue: UNCW - Kenan Auditorium, Wilmington, NC Website: Being a native “Motown Girl” myself, it is no secret that I simply L.O.V.E. Motown, the Music and definitely the Supremes , and of course - “Mary Wilson!” As soon as I got wind of her Wilmington, NC (aka: Port City and to me, Paradise) I jumped on it. Looing forward to giving you guys a well rounded interview and certainly concert review too. Always, Deborah A. Culp (DAC) From The “D”-Detroit. Info per Ms. Wilson’s Official Website: “DARE TO DREAM” Ms. MARY WILSON The Supremes The Author • The Cultural Ambassador • The Humanitarian • The Anthropologist Ms. Mary Wilson still performs with the same passion as she did singing with the original Supremes, but the world renowned celebrity is now using her fame and flair to promote humanitarian efforts to end hunger, raise AIDS awareness and encourage world peace. While Ms. Wilson is best known as a founding member of the world’s most famous female trio – they recorded 12 No.1 hits from 1964 to 1969 – the legendary singer’s career did not stop there, and she continues to soar to untold heights. Ms. Wilson is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, businesswoman, former U.S. Cultural Ambassador, the recipient of an Associate Degree from New York University in 2001, and an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Paine College in Augusta, Georgia. In 2007, Ms. Wilson was named international spokeswoman for the Humpty Dumpty Institute, a platform she uses to condemn the death and destruction caused by hidden landmines and unexploded ordnances in less developed countries. HUMANITARIAN / LITERARY ACHIEVEMENTS Ms. Wilson’s “Dare to Dream” lecture, which she gives to young people, emphasizes the need for personal perseverance to achieve their goals, despite obstacles and adversities in their lives. The topic is the foundation of her best-selling autobiography “Dreamgirl - My Life as a Supreme.” Ms. Wilson later authored its sequel, “Supreme Faith - Someday We’ll Be Together.” In 2000, these two books, along with updated chapters, were combined to complete her third book. She is currently working on a fourth book, which will be a coffee table hardcover featuring the gowns, history and legacy of the Supremes. Moreover, she has spread the Supremes’ legacy from the world stage to international museums with a touring exhibit entitled, “The Story of the Supremes from the Mary Wilson Gown Collection,” featuring their show-stopping gowns and coveted memorabilia. The gowns were on exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and will be touring The United Kingdom before going on to Europe for another two years. Over the years, Ms. Wilson has been highly recognized as the consummate humanitarian. She continues to devote her time and talent to assisting a diverse group of non-profit organizations, including the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the American Cancer Society, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, The Po Leung Kuk schools of Hong Kung, UNICEF, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and Figure Skaters of Harlem, a youth organization committed to helping children realize their dreams o compete in the Olympics. She has been active with Child Research, supporting a child around the world for the past 20 years. In 1988, Mary Wilson accepted the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of the Supremes when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 1994, the Supremes received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and in 1998, they were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. In 2003, the National Foundation for Women Legislators bestowed a Lifetime Achievement Award on Ms. Wilson and invited her to a delegation of women legislators who traveled to Bahrain. She participated in a Trade and Civil Life Conference hosted by the Prince and Prime Minister of Bahrain and is proud to have played a role in helping pass the Freedom Trade Bill between the U.S. and Bahrain. At the 37th Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference in 2007, she received the Floyd Washington Auto Safety Advocacy Award for her commitment to auto safety. MS. WILSON: THE “GOODWILL AMBASSADOR” Ms. Wilson has toured the globe as a performer and continues to travel as advocate on behalf of social and civic issues. As a Supreme, she performed for Britain’s Queen Mother and the future King of Sweden and other international audiences. However, Ms. Wilson’s global stature grew after former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell named her one of nine cultural ambassadors in 2003. As an official “goodwill” ambassador, Ms. Wilson visited poverty-stricken areas in Bangladesh, where she witnessed children as young as five years old having to break bricks to earn money for their families. In Pakistan, she spoke at Fatima Jinnah Woman University about pursuing their goals and “Daring to Dream.” In Mozambique and Botswana, Ms. Wilson addressed young people about the dangers of HIV and AIDS and her quest for world peace. In November 2004, she was one of the featured performers to headline the United Nations’ “World AIDS Day” concert at St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York City. She later returned to the United Nations Building to lecture about the poverty, hunger and destruction she witnessed during her trips. DREAMGIRLS/THE PLAY/THE MOVIE Interest in the Supremes’ legacy was renewed after the release of the award-winning film “Dreamgirls,” in 2006. While the film created a wonderful piece of work using the likeness of the Supremes, as well as their history, Ms. Wilson said it did not depict their true story. The Primettes The true story began nearly 50 years ago when Ms. Wilson started singing as a teenager while living in Detroit’s Brewster-Douglass Projects. Performing at an elementary school talent showcase, she befriended Florence Ballard. They made a pledge to remember each other if they joined a singing group. The opportunity came in 1959 when Milton Jenkins, the manager of a male singing group, the Primes, decided to organize a spin-off girls’ group. A friend of the Primes, Betty McGlown, was the first person asked, and then Florence Ballard, who invited Ms. Wilson. One of the Primes, Paul Williams, recruited Diane Ross, who just happened to be a neighbor of Ms. Wilson’s, to round out the quartet ‘The Primettes’. After doing many rock and roll DJ shows around the Detroit area, performing songs by popular artists, such as Ray Charles and the drifters, at sock hops, social clubs and talent shows, the Primettes decided to audition for the up and coming Motown record company. Unfortunately Mr. Gordy told them to come back and see him after they all graduated from high school. Determined to leave an impression on Motown President, Berry Gordy, Jr., and join the stable of rising Motown stars, the Primettes frequented his Hitsville, USA recording studio every day after school. Eventually, they convinced Mr. Gordy to sign them to his label. Much to their surprise Paul Williams and another ’Prime’ member Eddie Kendricks, had joined Otis William & the ’Distants’ to become members of the ‘Temptations’. Although Gordy signed the girls to his label- it was under one condition, that they changed their name of the group. At this time Betty had left the group and was replaced with Barbara Martin. On January 15th 1961 the Primettes officially became The Supremes. On the day of the signing when Gordy asked them for their new name Florence was the only one who had collected a list of names from her family and friends and chose the ‘Supremes’. In the spring of 1962, after regarding a few songs for their first album, Barbara Martin left the group to start a family. Thus the newly named Supremes continued as a trio; which to this day remains one of their trademark signatures. The Supremes From 1961 to 1963, the Supremes recorded many songs and released eight singles. At Motown the Supremes were jokingly referred to as the “no-hit Supremes.” But their fate changed dramatically in late 1963 when the song “When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes,” written and produced by Holland-Dozier-Holland, peaked at number 23 on the Billboard pop chart. The next year, the Supremes released the single “Where Did Our Love Go,” which reached

Full & Fabulous Debutante Ball 2013 Almost here!

Innovative Men's Gospel Group Begins 2013 Tour Schedule

Esteemed Publicist & Promoter *Bruce Knight does it once again! **PUSH-IT Marketing & Promotions
Gospel Group Men of God’s Heart Kicks off Daybreak Tour in Birmingham, AL Featuring Stellar Award Winner Lowell Pye National gospel recording group Men of God's Heart {MGH} of Columbus, Ohio will bring their "Daybreak" Tour to Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday, June 22, 2013. This highly anticipated concert event will be held at the New Canaan Life Center located at 1157 7th St. S.E. in the Graysville community. The show will include live music from Men of God's Heart, Men of Praize from Tuscaloosa, Birmingham's own Arthur Beard and Elements of Worship, along with a special guest appearance from Stellar Award Winner, Lowell Pye. MGH is nationally recognized for their powerful gospel music and exciting stage performances. They were the winners of the 2011 AllState Gospel Fest and recently featured on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show and The Dorinda Clark Cole Show. MGH's project "No More Secrets" has the HIT singles "Daybreak" and "I'm Standing" in heavy rotation across the country. The Birmingham leg of the "Daybreak" Tour; will also include a special musical performance by gospel award winner Lowell Pye, who is most recognized as the lead singer of the 90's group Men of Standard. Pye launched his solo career and in 2011, he was nominated for the coveted Dove Award. Pye has traveled with gospel greats including Kirk Franklin, John P. Kee, Donnie McClurkin, and Fred Hammond. Pye adds tremendous excitement and anticipation to the "Daybreak" ticket. This is going to be an incredible show and the gospel fans of Birmingham don't want to miss this event. Advance Tickets on sale for $10.00 Call (205) 788-4491 for your tickets TODAY at JB's House of Fashion 1603 3rd Ave. West Birmingham, AL 35208 and Andres Hairstyling and Barber Training Center 1865 Bessemer rd. Birmingham Alabama 35208. (205) 868-3733. Tickets are also available on line at and admission at the door will be $12.00 the day of the show. Contact: Bruce Knight Phone: 313-207-5786 Email:

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A Man, Elevated: What You Took-What You Can't Give

A Man, Elevated: What You Took-What You Can't Give: Do you feel you aren't good enough? Is it because someone made you feel like that? They took you for granted what you can and could do?...

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Netwroked Blogs

Meet the 2013 Photo Contest Winners!

Meet the 2013 Photo Contest Winners!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Write for Cake Central Magazine’s Diary of a Decorator!

Write for Cake Central Magazine’s Diary of a Decorator!

May 31, 2013 at 3:00 pm Join Us in supporting NC NAACP President J. William Barber, III.

Please come out and show your support for NC NAACP President  William J. Barber III, for his outstanding leadership, and the 160 arrestees who we believe were arrested while exercising their Constitutional right to peacefully assemble, 'instruct' elected officials, and other actions which are believed to be protected under the law;

•Show your intolerance toward the dismantling of our democracy in North Carolina by the NC General Assembly

Show your LOVE for the millions of North Carolinians (Black, White, Latino, Native American, others) along with children and students who will be severely harmed by such draconian policies, extremist political agendas, and pursuit of unjust laws;

•Hear why some of the 160 arrestees saw the personal need to engage in civil disobedience. 

Where? Warner Temple AME Zion Church, located at 620 Nixon Street, in Wilmington, NC 28401

Senior Pastor Reverend Dr. Clifford Barnett, Sr.

(910) 763-6308

New Hanover County NAACP Website:

Deborah  Dicks- Maxwell  Chapter President   

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Who is Andy Lee?

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free admission to all active duty military personnel and their families from Memorial Day, May 27, through Labor Day, September 2, 2013.

Wilmington, NC -  Cape Fear Museum is pleased to participate in the Blue Star Museums initiative to offer free admission to all active duty military personnel and their families from Memorial Day, May 27, through Labor Day, September 2, 2013.

Blue Star Museums is a collaboration among the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, the Department of Defense, and more than 2,000 museums across America. Free admission program is available to any bearer of a Geneva Convention common access card (CAC), a DD Form 1173 ID card, or a DD Form 1173-1 ID card, which includes active duty U.S. military—Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserve, as well as members of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, NOAA Commissioned Corps—and up to five family members.

While Cape Fear Museum is the only regional museum participating in Blue Star Museums, to find more.

Cape Fear Museum of History and Science, a department of New Hanover County, is open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. Sunday; Labor Day through Memorial Day. General admission is $7 for adults; $6 for students with valid ID and senior citizens; $6 special military rate with valid military ID; $4 for children 3-17; and free for children under 3. Museum members are admitted free. New Hanover County residents’ free day is the first Sunday of each month. The Museum is located at 814 Market Street in historic downtown Wilmington, NC. More

Advice, Tips, Tricks Beware Who You Get Advice From - Take It From Some...

Gonna get "my Sexy Back " and more! With Dawn Ali of Innovative Program

Okay, I" cannot contain my excitement and enthusiam any longer! Dawn Ali of Enterprises has selected me as one of the next candidates to take her life changin class. The nucleus of the course is a radical, but proven health...y diet exerciese and few other tidbits that I cannot share with you per candidate guidelines. But if you follow my success with teh program; beginning with the "Before and After" Photo & Video, "more will be revealed!" We'll post updates etc. Oh, by the way - She calls it: "Getting your sexy back at any age!" See More
Wish me Luck!

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Congrats! Your article's been published. |

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The 2013 Women of Color Conference was a Rousing Success

ABOUT THE 2013 SPELMAN WOCConvened by Spelman LEADS Executive Director Jane E. Smith, Ed.D., the Women of Color conference features expert speakers and participants from the fields of business, public policy, and education. Also among this year's speakers were thought and industry influencers such as: Spelman College President Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, Alicia Diaz the Director of Government Affairs and Legislative Policy for the Cuban American National Council, Clinical Psychologist and Television Producer/ Host Dr. Brenda Wade, Jaqui Chew the founder of iFusion Marketing, Executive Director of Communications at Spelman College Tomika DePriest, Chief Executive Officer of Your SweetSpot Coaching and Consulting Dr. Kym A. Harrs, General Managing Partner Julius Pryor, III of J.Pryor Group LLC, Founder of the Sylvia Global Media Group Gael Sylvia, Egami Consulting Group founder Teneshia Jackson Warner, Founder of The AJ Zone, AJ Johnson, Executive Director of LEADS at Spelman College Dr. Jane E. Smith, and Spelman College student Lindsey Brown. Stay connected to the Women of Color Conference through social media: @SpelmanWOCConf *Courtesy of The Front Page Firm: The FrontPage Firm Tosha Whitten Grigg Darren Dickerson Jalila Larsuel 213.351.0042 |

Black Bloggers Connect: Official Blog: Get Publicity

Black Bloggers Connect: Official Blog: Get Publicity: Black Bloggers Connect is the premier website for Black bloggers to network and connect online. Black Bloggers Connect along with i...

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Black Bloggers Connect: Official Blog: Building a Brand: The 10 Commandments of Steve Job...

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Indiana Welcomes Bishop Jerry J. Maynard and the Cathedral of Praise Choir

Bishop Jerry L. Maynard and The Cathedral of Praise Choir have been touring promoting their Top 10 Billboard Chart CD Bishop Jerry Maynard Presents the Cathedral of Praise Choir.  This week, Bishop Maynard and his award winning choir will be on the road to Indianapolis, IN and Louisville, KY with their special guests Pam Crawford, Candy West, and Michelle Prather.

The Cathedral of Praise Choir Concert in Louisville, KY is co-sponsored by WLOU Radio (2012 Stellar Award Station of The Year Medium Market) and will be held atForest Tabernacle Baptist Church, 4205 East Indian Trail at 6PM on Saturday, May 25.  On Friday, May 24, the choir will be at The Citadel of Faith COGIC, 7676 East 38th St. Indianapolis, IN at 7PM.

Bishop Maynard's return to Indianapolis is a musical homecoming celebration.   Bishop Jerry L. Maynard was ordained 50 years ago at the age of 17 in Muncie, Indiana at the church where his grandfather was the pastor and at the age of 19 the young Elder Maynard became the assistant pastor of the church.  By age 22, Maynard became pastor and within six years, under the leadership of this young visionary, they were able to build a new church and the church grew into the second largest Church of God in Christ in the state of Indiana with over three hundred fifty members.

Bishop Maynard completed graduate and postgraduate studies in Psychology and Social Sciences at Indiana University and the Doctorates Division of Cross Roads Bible College. Bishop Maynard served as Director of the Muncie Indiana Human Rights Commission from 1967-1970, a member of the Indiana and United States Civil Rights Commission from 1970-1981, and the President’s Domestic Policy Committee from 1977-1983. He is the recipient of the highest civilian award of the state of Indiana - “Sagamore of the Wabash”.

In 1986 he left Indiana and went to Atlanta, Georgia. There he started a ministry with a new congregation only six months old and grew it to over three hundred members.  While in Atlanta, Maynard found favor with Bishop G.E. Patterson who eventually asked Dr. Maynard to come to Nashville, Tennessee to preach.  He came to Nashville and was appointed pastor on September 5, 1993 to what is now Cathedral of Praise Church of God in Christ.  And now, The Cathedral of Praise Choir debut CD has yielded a Top 30 Gospel Radio Single "Just Believe" and garnered the music ministry their first award - The 2013 CHOIR OF THE YEAR from the Gospel Music City Awards in Nashville, TN.

You are invited to experience this dynamic choir and music ministry.  For more information on the upcoming concerts and future dates, visit and  

Bishop Jerry L. Maynard & The Cathedral Of Praise Choir Concerts:

May 24, 7PM
Citadel of Faith COGIC
7676 E 38th St  
Indianapolis, IN

May 25, 6PM
Forest Tabernacle Baptist Church
4205 East Indian Trail
Louisville, KY

Media Contact: Benita Bellamy /
Radio Contact: Stella Windom-Swain / 

*Also, Coming Soon To Chattanooga, TN and Birmingham, AL 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013