Friday, November 28, 2014

Voting Process Ends December 22, 2014 * Cast your Votes Up To 5 Times Daily

#WOW There is so much going on with the 2015 2nd Annual Black Women In Jazz & Fine Arts Awards! Don't forget to #Vote at: You may Vote up to 5 times per day for me and your other #FAV Candidates. The Voting process ends on on December 22nd. And you can be a vital part of it all! Check it out on the #Website : 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Deborah A.Culp: "Debbie's World":

Deborah A.Culp: "Debbie's World":

Deborah A.Culp: "Debbie's World": Noted Gospel Industry Updates form The Bellamy Gro...

Deborah A.Culp: "Debbie's World": Noted Gospel Industry Updates form The Bellamy Gro...:

Noted Gospel Industry Updates form The Bellamy Group

Deborah A.Culp: "Debbie's World": Please cast your VOTE For Me Via The Inserted Link...

Deborah A.Culp: "Debbie's World": Please cast your VOTE For Me Via The Inserted Link...: Wow! I recently found out that I was nominated! But I need your  ‪#‎ Votes‬  go to the  ‪#‎ Link‬  and ca...

Please cast your VOTE For Me Via The Inserted Link ASAP! Thank You

Wow! I recently found out that I was nominated! But I need your ‪#‎Votes‬ go to the ‪#‎Link‬ and cast your vote for me and the other talented women in the Arts. ‪#‎ThankYou‬ Deborah A Culp * God's Writer Girl

Deborah A.Culp: "Debbie's World": Veteran's Day 2014

Deborah A.Culp: "Debbie's World": Veteran's Day 2014:

Veteran's Day 2014

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Black Arts Alliance is now accepting submissions for the 14th Annual North Carolina Black Film Festival

Calling for FILM Submissions, Get yours in now!  The Black Arts Alliance (BAA) will present the North Carolina Black Film Festival (NCBFF), March 26-29, 2015 in Wilmington, NC. In its 14th year, the four day juried and invitational festival of independent motion pictures by African-American filmmakers will showcase features, shorts, animation, and documentary films. Prizes of $500 will be awarded in each category, provided there is a minimum of three entries to be screened in any given category. This year NCBFF is adding a Student Film category. There will be an evening showcasing film submissions from students from various film programs around the country Friday evening, March 27, 2014 during this year’s festival. There is no submission fee for the student film category, but submissions must be made from filmmakers enrolled full or part-time in a college or university. The festival jury will review and judge each film, but in lieu of a monetary prize in the student category, an award will be presented to the winner(s).
Submission Requirements:
1. A completed entry form for each submission. Eligible entries must include a director, writer, or producer of color.
2. A DVD, clearly labeled, including submission title, entrant's name, and contact number.
3. A non-refundable $25 entry fee in U.S. funds must accompany each submission. A late fee will be added for any films submitted after December 31, 2014. Electronic submissions and payments can be made online at
4. There is no entry fee required for the student category, however if students wish to be considered in the competitive categories: feature, documentary, short and/or animation, they must also submit the General Application Form along with the required entry fee.
5. Enclose an electronic press kit including director's bio and photo, credits, synopsis, and production stills to
Submissions and payments can be made online at For more information, contact Festival Director, Charlon Turner at (910) 620-3313

Saturday, November 1, 2014

In His Own Words: Bishop Rance Allen Reveals Real Meaning of Latest Hit Song

**Courtesy of Fred Willis, “SoulProsper Media”, Ty-Scot Music and Entertainment
* Lead In by Deborah A. Culp
For many years audiences worldwide have been blessed by and thoroughly enjoyed the gift of Gospel Music, ministered in song by the anointed Bishop Rance Allen and company. That noted company being the other members who make up the award winners known as: “The Rance Allen Group.” And glory to God, it just keeps getting better as the groups kingdom work continues sharing this form of God’s love with his people.
The Rance Allen Group's hit radio single "A Lil' Louder (Clap Your Hands)" has listeners across the country groovin' along to its driving bassline and catchy hook.  Though the group wants you to dance, they also want to ensure that fans truly get the song's true meaning.  With the goal to be an inspiration and share their wisdom, they are excited about sharing this time in praising God. They want the dancers to dance and the praisers to praise, all for our Father.
According to Bishop Rance Allen, "A Lil' Louder (Clap Your Hands)" is more than just a danceable tune.  In a recent interview with Soul Prosper Media, Allen explains that "A Lil' Louder" was created to encourage those who are experiencing difficult trials.  The discouragement that is felt during those times can cause people to retreat or give up but Bishop Allen strongly suggests that we should do the opposite.  He says that this song will serve as an important reminder.
"If you're going through anything...remember that God is going to get you through.  God never fails, God is always good," said Allen.
The Rance Allen Group is known for blending popular music with the gospel message and their new album, Celebrate, is a continuation of this beloved musical style.  Celebrate will be available in stores and online November 10th but fans don't have to wait until then to hear some exciting new music.  Consumers who pre-order the digital album prior to its street date, will instantly receive a new remix of the group's timeless classic, "Something About the Name Jesus" featuring Kirk Franklin. Pre-order options can be found via I-Tunes.

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