Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Sumptuous Riverfront Delights"

Bayou Shrimp -

The Essence of Cape Fear Riverfront: From the Riverboat Landing Balcony Overlook View
Eggplant Medley
Still considered a newcomer to the Wilmington/Cape Fear, NC area, I jump at the chance to explore a new place, event, person, thing and especially a restaurant that I haven't eaten at yet. One of the best places downtown is the Riverboat Landing. This awesome venue is a historic site and has been thriving for well over 25 years. Besides the well rounded variety of foods they serve, patrons have there choice to dine in one of the accommodating inside dining rooms or choose to experience one of the 9, 2 person upstairs balconies which overlook the scenic Cape Fear River. I was invited to join a dear friend & colleague; Ms. Laura Dawson, for "lunch on the balcony." I almost jumped out of my skin with joy, merely to actually go to this lovely place and sit on one of those balconies, and taking in  the overall view on what turned out to be an awesome day; not too hot, or not too cold.

Once I arrived at the buzzing, Blue painted building (another well known branding for the venue), I was trying to figure out how to get in and "where were those tantalizing smells coming from!?" Ms. Laura called out to me from above and the other questions was immediately answered as I entered the restaurant. A combination of fresh vegetables, sea food, poignantly sweet spices and more, invited one of my 5 senses; My senses of smell... to a cornucopia of goodness in the making! More was revealed when she and  I finally settled on what we were going to order. She ordered a tempting Eggplant Medley, complete with vegetables , spices all soaked with natural  and hand crafted flavors by the experienced  attentive Chef.  Crispy planks of triangular shaped toasts accompanied both of our dishes. I ordered the Bayou Shrimp and a Side House  Caesar Salad with both Caesar and Ranch dressings. I believe that Laura had a side salad too, but I am not sure what type of dressing she chose? I'm sure that it was good too.

I know that Ms. Laura enjoyed her dish and of course the Riverboat Landing as a whole, but my meal and first time experience there will be remembered for years to come. Oh, the prices were great too. We had lunch, Coffee and Tea. Including tax and tip, it was all under $35.00. If thre are any last words to offer to this review, they are"Yum, Yum!"  Check out the Riverboat Landing soon. For more information call: (910) 763-7227. -DAC-