Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Raving Reviews" by Deborah A. Culp

"Raving Reviews" was created to highlight eateries and food in general throughout the USA and beyond! Whereas most of us really do enjoy having a home cooked meal, there are staggering numbers of people who still L.O.V.E. to eat out, sampling the wares and various cuisines of the restaurant and other food destinations. The function of "Raving Reviews" is to objectively highlight each venue, sharing with the public our factual findings. So please enjoy and feel free to respond with comments.

Lunch at the "Dock Street Oyster Bar"
By Deborah A. Culp * "Raving Reviews"

The Dock Street Oyster Bar

The Dock St. Oyster Bar boasts of fresh Oysters, a variety of Seafood, cool drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike), a myriad of salads, and numerous non-seafood dishes too. A recent business lunch steerd me into this famed Port City Jewel; I'd been hearing about it since I first set foot in the beautiful, Port City/Cape Fear area. Now I personally don't care for Oysters but do appreciate their rugged shells and definately the Fresh Water Pearls that they yield. My lunch companion however stated that she enjoyed them immensley and remarked how tasty, well prepared and fresh herr order was. This was pleasing to me and I even managed to save her shells to be used in a craft project later! Maybe, just maybe I'll ge the nerve up or have a wild hankering to join the Oyster eating population one day.

Freshwater Oysters & Side Ceasar Salad

Amazingly enough, my meal was just as good (at least I thought so...) I had broiled Lemon Pepper Shrimp delicately laced over a bed of cool green  Ceasar style salad, with just a hint of tomatoe to add a bit more zest to the taste. Normally , Ceasar salad dressing accompanies such a salad but I went even a step further and added a Ranch Dressing to the usual. The crackers were crispy and literally "snapped" to the crunch! (Yum, yum!) Not only was it delicious, it was quite cost effective as well. The prices, including a reasonable tip, is in the mid-budget range.

Broiled Lemon Pepper Shrimp over Ceasar Salad

If the fantastic food isn't enough for the patrons, the Dock Street Oyster Bar has a  line of colorful, restaurant themed souvenier T-shirts, hats; Ball Caps, drinnking glasses and a few unforgetable memory stickers.  For those who want the experience to linger for as long as possible, the latter can be peeled adn placed anywhere your heart desires. They too are affordable and the stickers are free to paying restaurant customers.

Our Waitress sported a "Do You Like It Raw? We Do! T-Shirt

Teh dock Street Oyster Bar is located in Wilmington, NC at 12 Dock Street conveniently located between Front and Water Street's. Reservations are not necessary and seating insdie or out, is via the wait staff's or your choice.  Large or small, the Dcok St. Oyster Bar can handle it all! Remember, if you have a shellfish allergy, "no problem!" There are many other mouth watering delicacies to choose from. What are you waiting for? They are open 7 days a week!! For additional information call: (910) 762-2827 or go online to:

*"See ya' on the halfshell!" -DAC-