Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Get Your Sexy Back Healthy Vegan Cookbook For Meat Eaters

My name is Dawn Ali from . I’m 47 years old and I’ve lost 70 lbs. I've rid my body of beginning kidney failure, fluid retention, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis and acid reflux disease. Incredibly, I was also able to wean myself off all the multiple medications I was taking daily. Today, I take no meds, not even an aspirin. My “Get Your Sexy Back Healthy Vegan Cookbook For Meat Eaters” includes the simple and delicious meals that I ate to lose my weight in a safe and healthy way. The food is not only a joy to eat, but keeps me full and satisfied! Why Get This Cookbook? My dear friend, soon to be "Get your Sexy Back Coach" (Well in my case, it will be an up-grade to my Sexy!) Dawn Ali says fi you follow this proven method and utilize her hot new, Best Selling Cook Book - "you cannot go wrong."
Introducing Dawn Ali/ “Get Your Sexy Back Healthy Vegan Cookbook For Meat Eaters” contains Over 50 vegan recipes, 20+ of which are Raw Food Vegan meals and desserts that rival cooked meals. They contain the most nutrition which cause the speedy removal of health destroying poison from your bodies and excess fat which causes obesity. Over 20 Healthy Choice Cooked Vegan recipes, which taste great and are very filling and comforting. PLUS as an additional bonus of 10+ Down Home Southern Style Vegan recipes that will remind you of meals that your grandma cooked (minus the animal fat, flesh and by products, which help you hold onto weight). Who Can Benefit From “Get Your Sexy Back Healthy Vegan Cookbook For Meat Eaters”? Those Who: Want To Lose Weight Want To Be Sexier Want Improved Health Want More Energy Want Clearer Skin Want Glowing Skin Want Softer Skin Want Better Hair & Nails Want To Fight Fatigue Want Delicious Healthier Meals Packed With Nutrition Want To Lose Weight Without Being Hungry Want Meals That Are Simple To Create Want To Try Vegan/Vegetarian Food Want To Do & Try Something Different Want To Be Apart Of The Trendy Crowd – This Is The New Lifestyle Many People Are Beginning MY 3 BEST WEIGHT LOSS TIPS (Do NOT Underestimate the value of this information). 1. Drink 16 oz of SPRING (not tap) WATER when you wake up before putting anything else in your stomach. Squeeze 1/2 of ORGANIC juice from real lemon (not lemon from plastic bottle) into it. 2. You MUST get 8 hours sleep day. 3. You MUST stop eating 2 hours before going to sleep.