Sunday, February 23, 2014

Historic Annual Black Women in Jazz Day No Ordinary Event

This Writer was made privy to this myriad of amazing information about Black Women In Jazz, Inc., “Black Women in Jazz Day” and all associated with BWIJ, by one of their own. The incomparable, dynamically talented effervescent Mocha beauty, JoAnna Johnson – aka: “The Soul Stringer”…”Pluck-A-String” initially shared bits and pieces about the March, 2014 event. It was the “CSI Girl” in me that led to a deeper and later exhilarating probe! BWIJ is a show stopping, much appreciated organization founded and ran by group of beautiful, multi-talented women indeed headed up and founded by the impressive Ms. Sha. There are many nominees to choose from, but an up close and personal conversation with The Soul Stringer “Mocha girl” (JoAnna Johnson) revealed the difficulty in deciding due to the large amount of extreme talent listed. To name only a few, Detroit native JoAnna, mentioned fellow past and present Detroiters on the ballot; Violinist Regina Carter; World Music and Fusion Band headed up by Michelle May Musique Noire; and Percussionist JoVia Armstrong. JoAnna also mentioned her fellow Independent Artist Festival (IAF) Sister, Saxophonist Joyce Spencer from Dallas; and her Sisters in Soul, phenomenal flutist Ragan Whiteside and the undeniable ear candy of vocalist Toni Redd. She also mentioned her Rimshot Sister, Playwright and Vocalist Mimi Johnson. There are so many additional great names you could simply say them all and it’s so exciting to just be a part she said. Black Women in Jazz Day (BWIJD) is a holiday observed annually on March 1st via an Annual Awards Gala. The 2014 BWIJ roster includes, but is in no way limited to: Black Women In Jazz, Inc., is a not for profit organization whose membership is open to women and men musicians, composers, educators, jazz professionals, students, recording industry artists, business owners, jazz lovers, and more. We are committed to supporting women jazz artists and related professionals worldwide. Black Women in Jazz honors African American female musicians & related professionals via an annual Awards Gala, concerts, performances and interviews. Our official color is Yellow Gold. March is Women's History Month. About Black Women in Jazz- We celebrate Black Women in Jazz Day on March 1st with an annual Awards Gala. We set aside that time to honor the contributions that black female musicians and related professionals have made in the past, present and to the future of jazz and fine arts. Tickets for the Awards Gala will be on sale at the Rialto Center for the Arts Box Office. “The Rialto Center For The Arts” Box Office can be reached at (404)-413-9849 or tickets can be purchased online at: . Black Women in Jazz- Mission: “Black Women in Jazz” was created to assist in meeting the unmet needs of women in jazz professionals. We create a greater awareness by honoring the many contributions of female jazz artists and related professionals globally. “Black Women in Jazz” strives to spotlight the awesome work of female jazz vocalists, female jazz instrumentalists, composers, producers, etc., who may have gotten lost in the shuffle of time as well as musicians who are currently in the spotlight. Through various networking events, education and training, seminars, workshops, award galas, features and interviews, concerts and more, we want to ensure that women are honored as a vital part of the past, present, and future of jazz. “Black Women in Jazz” operates without regard to race, sex, color, sexual orientation, gender, disability, creed, religion or national origin. Available Workshops: BWIJ sponsors master classes and workshops by outstanding women in jazz artists. In light of making these resources available to all interested most workshops are free or minimal costs for BWIJ members. Reservations: (678).861.7370 More? Why yes of course, nothing of this magnitude would exist, co-exist or continue to “rock both the music world and the world in general, without a strong, informative website (and that is for starters!) Once a cyber but valid, visitor climbs aboard the “Black Women in Jazz”website: The following are a few of the literal joys which each visitor will be made privy to, and more is on the way! The Black Women In Jazz “Home Page”, the “Matriarchs of Jazz”, the “Youth Foundation”, a “Sponsors” page, an “Events” page, information on the “Health and Wellness Expo”, the “Black Women in Jazz & Fine Arts Award.” Experience the “Black Women In Jazz & Fine Arts Awards”, BWIJ trademarked items are for sale via the “Shop” area of the site, “Jazz History” too, and of course the “Press” is well documented and always welcome; speaking of welcome, don’t forget to interact with “Black women in Jazz” through the site’s “Contact” page. Just in case this abundant of goodness, in the form of a step by step tour of the site and all who “makes it tick” becomes a mouth full, please take your time and check it all out, at your leisure. But get your tickets today as they are selling out as we speak!
*Information and Images courtesy of BWIJ website and Artist . JoAnna Johnson Official Website: