Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Your HELP is Needed ASAP For A Battered Mother and Her Children: Giving Link Info Attached

We have a battered woman w/ two children who left her abusive situation ........Her husband has destroyed most of their things so she basically fled with just the clothing on her back......So I need your help getting everything for her to start fresh for her and her two children.......they will need clothing, and everything for a household she is getting a place next week. we are working on the best place for you to drop of items for her and of course you can always drop off at my home as well. CLOTHING SIZES: Womans size 14 pants xlg shirts size 8 shoes girls size 9 girls and size 12 boy size 4t and 7 shoes She needs all of the following: Clothing and shoes for her and kids and under garments(new please) Furniture,dishes,beds,towels,sheets,blankets, cups,silverware,pot n pans,lamps,couch, table n chairs, toys for the kids. All toiletries................basically everything you can think of........ Please lets help this woman shes been in a horrible situation and has made the best decision to help her and her children so we can pull together as a community to help her make a brighter future for those babies....... please contact me if you have any questions TIA Will update as we receive the items...... YOU CAN ALSO DONATE AT THIS LINK HERE http://www.youcaring.com/.../battered-mom-s-rescue.../146301 PLEASE LET US KNOW AND WE CAN BRING THE ITEMS TO THE COORDINATOR AND HELP THIS FAMILY! THANK YOU ALL! From: Mrs.Lucinda Boyd