Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What is the basis for the “Keys to Success?”

What is the basis for the “Keys to Success?”
Alright, here is a “quick & dirty” synopsis, or short and sweet version.
No one is perfect and we have the privilege of learning every day. Each day is a brand new day and chance to “get it right” or simply improve.  The response below may apply to others as it has for this God’s Child, or it may not. Whatever the case, experience, various situations and LIFE showing up and showing out – without my permission; has often made room for growth.  And to practice/sharpen these basic skills and abilities. Ready?
Love, trust and worship God or a higher power greater than yourself.
Effective communication is key! This alone pays a dominant role in our lives and any level of success.
Seek clarity, follow up and do your level best to understand and convey, purposeful communication.
Including but not limited to: Verbal, non-verbal, personal, professional and necessary correspondence.
Take time out to step into someone else's life and be genuine about it. Too often we fall into the throws of selfishness. Self-preservation is a law of nature, but we cannot live or thrive in the world alone. (For the most part) Practice random acts of “unconditional kindness” whenever possible or the opportunity presents itself.
Another part of “Getting out of our own selves” and taking part in another life or the lives of others. The latter may be just the catalyst needed in the discovery process of learning what or why the other person(s) need assistance or support with.
Have a word about yourself, as my dear friend used to say. Meaning, stand on your word, commitments, or promises.  Team work is highly dependent upon the team members “being there for the others”, pulling their own weight and accountability.
Take time out for self and (separate) time out for loved ones. We’re only human and everyone needs breaks, vacations and reasonable reward, if that reward is nothing but the good feeling of knowing you gave 100 percent, for the right reasons. “Know your limitations or they will know you first!”
Whereas Money is a highly important and impacting source of life, other things have just as much or even more meaning. Who hasn’t heard the age old adage that “time is money?”  True enough, but time is also priceless!
Last for now, take advantage of learning something new and constructive daily if possible. Foster a genuine interest in the jobs, duties and mission others by literally, walking in their shoes” if only for a day.  Being able to spend time with another or other people who are different from us, and do things differently, is sure to awaken or confirm new thoughts and ideas.
For yourself and family, and everyone else in the world too. E.g.; The world overall is in constant need of Prayer.
Much success always in all of your productive, valuable endeavors.
Lovingly, From the Desk of DAC ~ God’s Writer Girl *