Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Warm Your Hearts, Minds and Spirits at The Focus 2015 Women’s Conference

The inclement weather has thrown a many a Monkey Wrench in everyone’s mix over the past few weeks; we’re all hoping that will come to an end soon. The facilitator and her team for the 2015 Women’s Conference has extended an invitation statewide and beyond.  To attend the event and re-set the frosty, weather beaten down mind set and to  join the various Vendors. To network and to mix and mingle with enterprising women and enjoy a bevy of “FREE Samples” and demonstrations in the interim. Hosted by Amani Murph of AIG Financial Network.  IT ALL TAKES PLACE ON: Saturday, March 14, 2015 * 

 2000 American General Way in Brentwood, Tennessee.  To register or for more information please see:
** Special thanks to Media Personality Yolonda Beech for sharing the information and UPDATE.
This experience will make you feel like your favorite women's magazine has come to life and put the fun and personal exhilaration back where it belongs.  Conference attendees may join other professional women who are interested in fashion and beauty, fearlessness, fab and frugal event planning, finance, and fitness.  By the way, Dance will be combined with fitness via:  “No Shame No Limits No Judgment” by Tier Elera (@tierelera)
Author, Sirius XM Radio host, business woman, and "chief evangelist of joy" Regina Prude will be speaking at the Focus Women's Conference this Saturday.  Reserve your spot through Eventbrite or the Facebook Page for the Focus 2015 Women’s Conference.
Among other great items on the refreshing menu N.Cabknor Pro Cosmetics will provide you with live tutorials on makeovers in under 20 minutes, as well as some unique and amazing beauty products. (Ask her about Brow Rehab Services too….)
Enterprising women will be admitted without a business card, and will still be allowed to register to attend as long as a Facebook invitation has been extended.
Fitness, Fabulousness, Finance, Fashion and Beauty are just touching the tip of the iceberg! We don’t want to give away too much more of the who, what, but the “when and where and time” of this major event is a must have!

Remember, Saturday, March 14, 2015 @ 1:00 pm CST!  2000 American General Way in Brentwood, Tennessee.  To register or for more information please see: