Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Spirit Media Services Celebrates The Birthday of Henry W. Harris Sr.

Spirit Media Services Celebrates The Birthday of Henry  W. Harris Sr.  
Happy Birthday, God bless and may Mr Henry Harris, JR enjoy many happy returns.

Henry Harris, Sr.  is the esteemed visionary and Founder/CEO/Owner of the award winning, Christian Multimedia Company, Spirit Media/Spiritco1: provides real-time streaming commercials, jingles, music, word services and the like for a very nominal fee. As a result of this service, your commercial or service whether a talk show or sermons can be heard nation-wide. This will enhance your business and give you the opportunity to have a customer base in countries you would normally not have the opportunity to service.

Spirit Media is a privately owned, multimedia company specializing in voice, data communications, music policy and internet radio technology. Spirit is a diversity company founded in 1995 with the slogan "Guiding You into the Future of Communication" -A company that thrives on technology.
Additional Information about the company may be found on a bevy of Social Media outlets and via the following sites as well.